Speak With A Geek (SWAG), a leading technology services and recruiting provider platform announced today the broad release of SWAG's Startup Services to give new businesses, investors, and affiliates access to today's hottest technologies and expert talent for hire.

Known for their technology recruiting and custom software development, SWAG has launched expanded and tailored services dedicated to new entrepreneurs. “We provide expert advice through mentor programs that help new businesses start off right. It's one thing to have a great idea or product, but there are enormous mistakes new businesses can make and SWAG helps companies avoid mistakes that waste time and money,” stated Nicole Kern, SWAG Startup Services Director, “Connecting with experts across the full spectrum of business services, we help companies spend their money wisely, where it has the greatest impact”, she added.

First, to help startups avoid using the wrong technologies, building with the wrong architecture, or even in signing long-term contracts without understanding the long-term impact of how it can affect them - SWAG mentors provide expert logical advice for today's economy and changing technology environment. SWAG helps startups, investors, and affiliates overcome today's toughest technology hurdles by creating custom technology plans to help save time and promote rapid growth.

SWAG gets to work right away by connecting you to technical talent through their hiring platform, providing companies access to an unparalleled talent pool of millions of “Geeks” covering thousands of technology skills. Filling technology roles, especially in competitive markets like Cyber Security and Data Science can be super challenging, especially for new startups. SWAG locates tech talent interested in the excitement of building something from the ground up, so not only do you get a great employee, you get one that's there for the long run.” noted Jaime Breen, Director Business Development at SWAG.

SWAG Development Services provide access to top tech talent teams, customized with the skills needed for your project, and paid by the hour or team. “Many customers as part of our beta launch took advantage of contracted teams with scalable options so they could stretch their budget resources across the lifecycle of the project.” said Nicole, “We're really making an impact with a lot of up and coming brands and helping them stand out from the competition with faster times to market, low overhead, and strong business decisions from day one.

SWAG isn't just focused on consulting and technical sourcing, they've expanded their services to include exactly what all startups need; Full-Stack Development and Design Teams, Marketing, and Cyber Security. “SWAG has broken the ceiling for startups and investors by combining every limb of technology with the largest network of technical talent and resources, expert advice, and development, which makes right now the perfect time to startup!” added Nicole.

About Speak With A Geek: SWAG is a tech pioneer based out of San Francisco. Since 1999, SWAG's community has grown worldwide covering thousands of skills. Some of their most popular services include Technical Hiring, Virtual Recruiting, Development Teams, and Cyber Security. To learn more about how to use SWAG for start up services, please visit https://speakwithageek.com/startups or if you're looking for custom development and security professionals visit, https://speakwithageek.com/devservices or give us a call at 866-480-GEEK.


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