2015 Tech Support Draft - SWAG University

Corporate Recruiting, Staffing, and Sourcing Technology Experts

Have you seen Speak With a Geek’s (SWAG) 2015 Corporate Tech Support Draft?

SWAG’s Shelby Kocee provides the rundown of SWAG’s top-pick tech talent this year.

Here are SWAG’s top two draft picks this year:

  1. Samuel Traynor of SWAG University – he wired 75 computers for an office in 8 hours.
  2. Trevor Holland of SWAG University – he worked alongside Traynor to decrypt over 10,000 lines of code.

SWAG University is a metaphor for Geeks in the SWAG community that go through rigorous testing, vetting and verification to ensure their interest, skills, and compatibility to the needs of our clients.

Tech Support can be difficult for all types of Corporations.  

Speak With A Geek offers flexibility, easy, and simplicity when recruiting technically skilled open positions.