Hiring InfoSec and Filling 1 Million CyberSec Jobs in 2016

Cyber Security Experts in High Demand for Infosec Jobs

BSides Conference, Las Vegas, NV August 2016

The BSides Conference 2016 is a volunteer-run forward-thinking conference aimed at engaging attendees in critical thinking about information and security. This year, David Spark asks Cyber Security experts how we can encourage people into information security jobs. Given that there are an estimated one million available security positions worldwide, this is a particularly pertinent question.

David found that while a few people chalked it up to trial and error, persistence, and luck, a number of others had some constructive ideas for attracting people to InfoSec:

  1. Imitate the teaching hospital model for InfoSec
  2. Look for diverse groups (women, minorities) in diverse places
  3. Encourage our children to explore STEM from a young age will result in an injection of youth into the market

Information Security demand for great cybersec talent is far outstripping supply of expert candidates. Cisco released a report where they estimated that there are a MILLION unfulfilled cyber security jobs worldwide. What happened?

  • Is there an insane shortage in talent, or has the security problem just become that much worse?
  • How are we going to find all those people?
  • Is there another solution?

Advice On Hiring For Security Jobs From The Experts

  • Diversify candidate search
  • Actively look for diversity, differentiate your search
  • Increase women
  • Increase nationalities in security
  • Create the most diverse workforce
  • Trial and error with a lot of persistence and luck
  • Finding good people and treating them right
  • Find people in the right mindset and get them into the industry
  • Transition people into a teaching hospital environment for information security
  • Build them and train them
  • Injection of youth – Children/Education first emphasis

The challenge is also notable that information security is not just in IT, but also in healthcare, finance, travel, etc. Cyber Security is in every industry and can protect any organization from cyber attacks.


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