Here are SWAG's top picks for physical & digital assets that can be purchased with Bitcoin!

Physical Assets

This Incredible Watercraft - 36 BTC

Ready for paradise? And to get there quick? This sleek and stylish 2011 Protector Tauranga 38 is a one of a kind in the United States. Used by the New Zealand Coast Guard, it's a great cruiser for all weather occassions. Feel the wind whipping through your hair as you cut through waves with ease and ride off into the sunset. Every weekend can be a holiday on the Tauranga 38! Check it out here.

This Incredible Watercraft - 36 BTC


Custom Estate in Hawaii - 2,150 BTC

Wake up to the ocean and your very own waterfall. Surrounded by a lush landscape and unobstructed views of the Pacific Ocean, this serene 6 dwelling estate on Maui's North Shore is a secluded tropical haven. Spend your days soaking up the sun worry-free in this beautifully furnished home that feels just as tranquil as the land it sits on. Check it out here. Use password: waterfall



Immaculate 2016 Land Cruiser - 8.2 BTC

By land... Enjoy this 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser - carve your own path and explore new territory! With off-road prowess, luxurious comfort, and unparalleled comfort, you can set up to 8 people for the adventure of a lifetime! Check it out here.

Land Cruiser


Digital Assets

Score big organic traffic by consumers seeking to lower debt, payments, premiums, or prices on consumer goods! Get this domain for 15 BTC.

In today's growing market of medical and recreational marijuana, jay is an incredible domain! Rarely will you have an opportunity to acquire a three letter .com that consumers can easily identify with and remember, making this domain extra unique! The revenue and growth opportunities in this market are sky high! It's yours for just 8 BTC.

Hearts translates to warmth, caring, and joy. Industries such as hiring platforms, childcare or nannies, and educational institutes can benefit from this short and sweet domain. Fitness brands, charitable organizations, healthcare or even if your company has a hint of love or romance - take advantage of the steady beat of a solid six letter .com that's sure to be loved! 24 BTC and it's yours!

There's always room for improvement under this domain! is prime web real estate for general commercial or residental renovation companies looking to lock down a straight-to-the-point brand. High organic traffic from people searching the web for ideas on how to upgrade and redesign their homes and workplaces, this domain has massive curbside appeal! Even industries in fitness, self-improvement, or public image could relate with the branding potential! It's hard to believe it's for sale for 16.5 BTC.

A domain that gets the message across! can be used for any type of online shopping platform, news or gossip publication, or even any type of marketplace that compares pricing across competitors. It's also a highly sought brand for services such as cybersecurity or background checks. If you're looking for a domain with a buzz, can be yours for 3 BTC.

There's a lot of potential in this domain! This is an excellent choice to engage an education or career training audience. We're always in the pursuit of something and this premium domain can help showcase enthusiasm, drive, and hope. With a name like Pursue, domain content is endless! 2 BTC is all you need.

We enroll in everything! This is a simple way to push your audience and community to your platform! With exceptional search traffic, this is the domain for sign-ups, admissions, recruiting or subscriptions! Imagine the endless possibilities with this slick six digit domain, available for 24 BTC.

Could be the next big multimedia hosting website? Or how about a mobile application or supply channel platform. Get for 8 BTC.

This domain springs thoughts of engineering and electronic gizmos! A great brand for a technology marketplace or even launching an automated communications marketplace. IoT, machine learning, and artificial intelligence platforms can highlight the beauty of code and melt the heart of any techie! Snag this domain for 2.51 BTC.

Highly brandable, premium three letter domain and won't be forgotten anytime soon! Use your own imagination! Can be yours for 5.522 BTC.

Get your daily intake of nutritional value through this delicious domain. If you're a health advocate, dietitian or foodie, this domain would make a wonderful resource for healthy recipes, nutritional information and seasonal gardening tips. Maybe you bring the garden to those in the city with a produce delivery service. The domain benefits are endless with, available for 8.534 BTC.

Per Coindesk price as of January 30th, 2018. $10,107.90 USD = 1 BTC

For more information on how to purchase from these sellers, please contact Michael Atkins at (844) 478-5402.

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A percentage of all proceeds will be contributed to human rights and humanitarian focused efforts to empower women, reduce poverty globally, and to curb climate change.

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