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  1. Drop your resume and select your unique preferences so we can fine tune and pre-screen projects, contracts, and jobs for you.
  2. Engage at your pace with companies needing your skills. Invest your time and efforts only on projects, contracts, or jobs that you're truly interested in.
  3. Code challenges and hackathons help to keep your skills sharp and provide insight into the demand for your knowledge and experience.
  4. Get paid what you're worth and what you deserve! SWAG Talent Agents help negotiate on your terms, you decide, you are in complete control.

Full time hire

  1. Stable and steady
  2. Get your dream job
  3. Permanent placement
  4. Benefits and perks
  5. Hands-on, cutting edge tech innovation
  6. Be part of a team and build something to be proud of
  7. You decide your career path, you`re in complete control


  1. 6-12 month contracts
  2. Get paid more by the hour
  3. New technologies and experience
  4. Add new skills to your resume
  5. Gain fast experience and exposure
  6. Work with multiple clients
  7. Great prelude to full time
  8. We`ll do all the paperwork and you get paid on time


  1. SWAG's on-demand platform for tech - put your skills to work
  2. Quick way to earn additional income
  3. Set your hourly rate, skills, availability and location
  4. Connect with great companies and clients