A Safer and More Secure Digital World

As pioneers of technology, we have the responsibility to properly guide developers, technologies and the industry at large. We’ve worked hard to create principles and code that accurately reflect the moral values and philosophy held within the community. We have sought the insights of fellow technology leaders, ethical hackers, and many others, to ensure we operate at the highest standards of security and integrity.

Technology as we know it is ever-evolving. We take immense pride keeping our practices up to date and creating a positive change in the tech world. At SWAG we demonstrate a commitment to excellence, corporate governance, risk management, leadership, innovation and reputation. Our core values are reflected in our culture, backed by experts and professionals with the passion and purpose to redefine the tech industry.

Strong behaviors drive powerful performance. Other companies alienate their customers, and feel they do not need to disclose when data is being collected. By contrast, we assure the privacy and safety of customer information with full transparency. SWAG believes technology can change lives for the better. Our structure of ethics creates a sustainable advantage by enabling compliance across all locations while building the company’s 20-year legacy of accountability and inclusivity.