Hiring An IT Freelancer? Here’s How to Mitigate Your Risk

Taking the Risk Out of Hiring an IT Freelancer

Business today relies on the internet and your customers need the ability to conduct transactions on a secure website, you can’t afford a potential breach. Protecting your business and your customers through a security is top of mind for business owners. Consumers lose trust in a company that doesn’t protect their data and it’s necessary that you have IT experts and professionals analyze your site and repair vulnerabilities. You simply can’t afford for your network to be compromised.

Looking for a remote professional can be a long journey

Most companies will begin by sourcing big freelance aggregators that seem to provide a huge number of contractor options. Oftentimes, there’s no transparency and it’s impossible to even know who is completing the work on your project. This can be a big mistake and many companies with good intentions turn the keys over to the wrong people. Even selecting US based companies can often result in your work being completed off shore in foreign countries.

Hiring from a freelancer aggregator is often like buying a pig in a poke

It’s important to work with IT professionals that have the right qualifications and expertise, with a trusted and reliable background, who will deliver high quality work and protection for your company in today’s hacker-vulnerable cyber landscape.

We all wish to work with dedicated experts committed to excellence

Utilizing SWAG allows you to work with fully vetted professionals.

  • Verified Up-to-Date Knowledge

    Verified Up-to-Date Expertise

    Real time vulnerabilities require techs with up-to-date knowledge on security threats. SWAG makes it incredibly easy to search for candidates with training on security protocols so your network and data won’t be compromised.
  • One-to-One Communication

    One-to-One Communication

    SWAG allows you to openly and personally communicate with the tech working on your project.
  • Technology-Specific Expertise

    Technology-Specific Qualifications

    SWAG helps you determine exactly what tech you need. We'll help you refine your project and zero in on the professionals you need.
  • Performance Goals

    Performance Goals

    Certified professionals are able to provide top-tier metrics, such as yearly performance goals and ongoing security check-ups for even greater confidence.
    Use SWAG to secure your data and your network through fully vetted technology professionals.