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Why Choose SWAG

Unique supply Unique supply With 17 years experience, SWAG has perfected the sourcing business. Our depth and breadth of top tier talent is unparalleled. Diversity and inclusion Diversity and Inclusion Take advantage of SWAG's vast pool of diverse talent to bring in fresh new ideas, innovative solutions, and creative problem solving. Privacy and Protection Privacy and IP Protection Your secrets are safe with us! Your privacy and intellectual property is protected and secure. Vetting and Testing Vetting and Testing Every SWAG Geek goes through vigorous background and reference checks. We'll make sure your Geek is as good as they look on paper. Video Profiles Video Profiles and On Demand Interviews SWAG's video profiles and on demand interviews increase productivity and save time and money. Code Challenges Code challenges aid in comparing candidates Custom testing and code challenges prove skills and experience. Have peace of mind knowing your candidate can do the job.

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Geeks Geeks Vetted Employment Offers Vetted Employment Offers Client Projects Client Projects Testing Services Vetting Services Anonymous Anonymous
  • SWAG takes finding tech projects and jobs to a whole new level!

    Get top quality job opportunities and projects from the world's best companies!

    Tell us what type of work you find satisfying and rewarding, and we’ll represent you throughout the entire process to make sure you’re never underestimated.

  • Relevant jobs matching your career interests

    Jobs from the worlds best employers

    Opportunities fine tuned and pre-screened

    SWAG Agents ready to represent and negotiate your terms

    You decide. You're in complete control


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  • On Demand projects

    Free mobile app to work when and where you want

    Set your hourly rate, skills, availability, and location

    Meet new clients and find new opportunities

    Excellent extra source of income

    SWAG geek mobile app is available for free download at your app store

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  • Test and prove your tech skills

    Custom testing based on job skills

    Code challenges and hackathons keep your skills sharp

    Video Introductions speed up the interview process

    Profiled results let your skills shine


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  • Opportunity exploration is anonymous

    Select opportunities of serious interest

    Identity protection to ensure your confidentiality

    Engagement with Employers at your pace

    Gain insight to market demand for your skills and experience


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Popular Skills

Unique supply Ajax Unique supply Amazon-WS Unique supply AngularJS Unique supply Big Data Unique supply Bootstrap Unique supply C++ Unique supply C# Unique supply Design Unique supply .Net Unique supply HTML5 Unique supply VB, VB.NET Unique supply iOS & Android Unique supply IT Unique supply Java Unique supply Javascript Unique supply Jquery Unique supply MS SQL Server Unique supply mongoDB Unique supply My SQL Unique supply Networking Unique supply nodeJS Unique supply PostgreSQL Unique supply Python Unique supply RabbitMQ Unique supply REST Services Unique supply Ruby on Rails Unique supply Salesforce Unique supply Security Unique supply SharePoint Unique supply Spring Unique supply Tableau Unique supply UI/UX Design


Employers Employers Long Term Full Time Hiring Short Term On Demand Projects Diversity & Inclusion Diversity & Inclusion Vetting Services Vetting Services
  • SWAG takes talent acquisition to a whole new level!

    Streamlined vetting, custom testing, diversity goals, video interviewing, code challenges - these are just a few of the ways that SWAG ensures fast sourcing of quality candidates.

    Get fully vetted candidates with the skills, knowledge and experience you need - faster than even before!

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  • Finding and hiring top technical talent has never been easier

    Fully vetted candidates

    Code Challenges, Custom Testing, Hackathons

    Video Introductions save time and resources

    Diversity Focused


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  • When you need a tech right now!

    On Demand projects

    Techs with the skills and knowledge you need

    Remote or on site experts

    Developers, Designers and IT professionals

    SWAG's On Demand service is totally free to download and we don't take a cut or percentage of any transaction!

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  • Diversity & Inclusion

    Unique source of diverse candidates

    Top quality tech candidates with fully vetted skills and knowledge

    Tailored sourcing to meet your goals and targets

    Covering hot tech spots from Silicon Valley to New York, and everywhere in between

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  • An extra layer of assurance

    Custom testing

    Code Challenges

    Video Interviews



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