Why Choose SWAG

Unique supply

With 17 years experience, SWAG has perfected the sourcing business. Our depth and breadth of top tier talent is unparalleled.

Diversity and Inclusion

Take advantage of SWAG's vast pool of diverse talent to bring in fresh new ideas, innovative solutions, and creative problem solving.

Privacy and IP Protection

Your secrets are safe with us! Your privacy and intellectual property is protected and secure.

Vetting and Testing

Every SWAG Geek goes through vigorous background and reference checks. We'll make sure your Geek is as good as they look on paper.

Video Profiles and On Demand Interviews

SWAG's video profiles and on demand interviews increase productivity and save time and money.

Code challenges aid in comparing candidates

Custom testing and code challenges prove skills and experience. Have peace of mind knowing your candidate can do the job.
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